Can I use your photos in Canva?

This one of the most-asked questions I get!

My answer: Yes...and no.

Let me explain: can use any of our JPG images in Canva. However, to create your own mockups in Canva using our images, you're going to need a few guidelines.

Our "mockups" are Photoshop (.PSD) files that can only be edited in Photoshop. We do the hard part for you, so it's super easy for you to create beautiful, realistic mockups in seconds. (See our how-to video here »)

So while it's true the .PSD mockup files can only be edited in Photoshop, every single mockup (.PSD) in our library is ALSO available as a JPG image.

Canva's limited features make it easy to use, but also limited in what you can create. Here is a breakdown of what you can and can't do as it relates to creating mockups specifically:

To create a mockup in Canva, here's what you need to know:

 The photo (.JPG) you're using must be a flat lay, or photographed so that the device is directly in front of, or beneath the camera, so that the shape of the screen is as close to a perfect rectangle as possible. For example:

We've made it super quick + easy to find photos that meet these requirements by using our advanced filters. Simply to go our shop and filter for only:

Category > Photos
Mockup Item > Laptop, Tablet, or Stationary + Paper
Feature > Flat lay
Optional: filter for Feature > Has copy space if you'd like to add text to your mockup.


So good news, right?! If you're a die-hard Canva fan, you can use our photos to create your own mockups. 🤗

More good news: Our Membership has even more support for Canva users – like time-saving done-for-you Canva Templates – so you can look like you hired an a-list designer, without having to pay a-list prices. Learn what else you get as a member »